Electrical Control Panel Builder

As an electrical control panel builder, we are responsible for the construction of electric control panels for manufacturing machinery and other various types of industrial, mining, or agricultural equipment. Control panel builders normally work for their customers directly. However in some cases the panel builder may be part of a large installation team or build directly for an equipment manufacturer.

What is an electrical control panel?

An Industrial electrical control panel is an assembly of components. Such as circuit breakers, variable speed drives, relays, PLC’s and other motor control equipment installed together in an enclosure. They are used in various applications including; the operation of industrial electric motors, pumps and drives, production machinery, and assembly and conveyance equipment.

Another form of electrical control panel is the Motor Control Centre or MCC. Which includes all the motor starting and control equipment to drive plant equipment and machinery. Industrial electrical control panels contain power circuits, control circuits or a combination of both. Saving space in control panel applications is always a factor. Panels are designed with devices positioned to use as little space as possible.

Industrial manufacturing processes and production lines require that electrical control panels; protect equipment, increase productivity, reduce down-time, and meet all current safety regulations. Industrial electrical control panels control all important manufacturing equipment. As well as provide a single point of operations for the control of an entire manufacturing process.

What can you expect from IPA?

Industrial Power and Automation will support you with control panel design, fabrication, and installation. As an electrical control panel builder we design, build, and install basic or complex control panels. Our panels control motors, conveyors, machinery, or manufacturing lines.

We design, build, and install; Electrical Control Panels, MCC Panels, Remote I/O Panels, HMI Panels, PLC Control Panels, and Push Button Stations. We will design the control panel to suit your needs. Whether you need stainless steel, hygienically designed, or a specific brand of control equipment.

An experienced in-house team

We design & build all of our control panels in-house. Our amazing team has a wealth of expertise in this field. The unique capabilities of our in-house team allow us to supply electrical control panels that will perfectly satisfy your requirements. Our team will meet the specific project criteria and customize the perfect electrical control panel for you.

Local Technical Support

Our work isn’t finished after providing you with a custom electrical control panel. We will continue to support your business with the assistance of our expert technicians whenever an issue arises with any of your equipment or machinery. Our experienced in-house team will be available to provide you with real-time support 24/7.

Quality Assurance

After the electrical control panel build is complete, we carry out quality control testing. This is known as a ‘Factory Acceptance Test’ in the electrical industry.

This is where we complete a visual inspection of the panel to ensure everything is in place. We ensure everything is labelled. Conduct a point-to-point test to ensure all wires are terminated where they should be. Ensure all terminals are tightened to the manufacturer specification with a torque wrench.

Our technicians follow a detailed pre-energization check sheet and ensure everything is connected and mechanically functioning correctly. We energise the control panel and perform functional testing to ensure the control panel works as intended. All parameters and motor protections are set, and PLC programs are uploaded and tested.

A physical copy of the ‘As Built’ drawings for the control panel are then placed inside. Along with all user manuals, production, and quality control documentation are sent to you.

Electrical Control Panel Builders Gold Coast

Industrial Power and Automation is an experienced electrical control panel builder servicing industrial manufacturing clients. We will design, build and install an electrical control panel based on your budget, needs and compliance requirements. Our software will design a control panel for your approval before any manufacturing begins, as well as supply detailed electrical wiring diagrams for your maintenance team to follow.

You can contact us today, and rest assured that you will get the best electrical services no matter your industry.