Electrical Control Panel Fabrication Brisbane

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We Create, Supply, and Install Electrical Control Panels to Brisbane

Our Custom Control Board Building Team

IPA Solutions are the electrical control panel fabrication team Brisbane businesses and organisations trust. Our team can help design, build, and install basic power panels for motor and conveyer control or complex MCC panels.

We offer free quotes on these services and encourage anyone across South East Queensland or surrounds to contact us to learn more.

Electrical Control Panel Fabrication

Electrical control panels are made up of a combination of electrical devices that use power to control various mechanical functions of industrial equipment or machinery. These pieces of industrial equipment and machinery require specific control measures to operate safely and efficiently.

Why Choose IPA Solutions

We have experience, fabricating, and installing MCC Panels, Remote I/O Panels, HMI Panels, PLC Control Panels, Push Button Stations, and more across Brisbane. Our team also offers electrical control panel fabrication services on the Gold Coast.

We can design a power panel to suit your requirements and specifications for the purpose. If you need a certain material, like mild steel or stainless steel, or if you need it rated hygienically or to IP, we can assist.

Contact our team or Brisbane commercial electricians and Brisbane industrial electricians for more information. Or, get a free quote by submitting the form below.

Our Electrical Control Panel Services Include:

Control Panel Design

We can design a control panel to suit your specific requirements and deliver a quality product that suits your exact needs.

During the design phase, we’ll review the information and ask questions to ensure the panel meets all your needs, even if you’re unaware of them.

Before the control panel design is finalised, we will review it with you to ensure all your expectations are met. We complete our design using CAD software and design the panel to scale, so you can be sure that everything will fit perfectly.

Once you’re satisfied with the control panel design, we’ll make the electrical wiring diagram. Our team will use this to build the panel, and technicians on-site will use it for installation and troubleshooting.

Industrial Control Panel Manufacturing

After the control panel design is approved, we can order the components and start building.

We, as manufacturers of Industrial Control Panels, will install all the components. We will wire everything according to the wiring diagram from the design phase. All our panels are built fully labelled with a nameplate, wire numbers, terminal labels, and component ID labels.

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

Once we finish building the industrial control panel, we schedule quality control testing. This is known as a ‘Factory Acceptance Test’ in the electrical industry. Here we visually inspect the panel to make sure everything is in place, including labels.

We conduct a point-to-point test to ensure all wires are terminated where they should be. We ensure all terminals are tightened to the manufacturer’s specification with a torque wrench.

We then energise the power panel and perform function testing to ensure the control panel works as intended.

The ‘As Built’ drawings for the control panel are put inside. User manuals, production, and quality control documentation are sent to clients.

Custom Electrical Cabinet and Panel Installation

Once the FAT is finished, we’re ready to install the control panel. We can set the panel up on-site, or we can ship it to you ready for a technician to install it.

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Why Choose Us For Your Electrical Control Panels?

IPA Solutions is an industrial and commercial electrical contracting company specialising in control panel design, fabrication, supply, and installation. With extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, you can rely on us to create a comprehensive panel solution.

Our technicians are highly experienced in control panel building and installation. With our comprehensive range of services, your equipment will be ready to use safely, and efficiently, in no time.

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