Commercial and Industrial Power and Lighting Upgrades Gold Coast

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Power and Lighting Upgrades for Gold Coast Businesses

Industrial Power and Automation is your local Gold Coast expert in industrial and commercial lighting upgrades.

Our experienced commercial electricians are on hand for all your power and lighting needs, from new installations to efficient LED lighting upgrades, designed for the unique demands of commercial and industrial spaces.

If your Gold Coast business is looking to improve its power and lighting setup, get in touch with our team of professional electrical technicians. Let’s talk about how we can support your business’s needs.

Our Lighting And Electrical Upgrade Services Include:

Commercial and Industrial Lighting on the Gold Coast

Having the right lighting is crucial for the safety and efficiency of your Gold Coast business operations. Our team can install lighting that meets any specified lux level for optimal visibility and performance. Whether you need to enhance existing fixtures or require a completely new setup, we’ve got you covered.

From task lighting in offices to brightening up retail spaces, and from illuminating workbenches to ensuring safety with carpark and emergency lighting, we’re experienced in a variety of installations, including specialised areas like chillers and freezers.

How we help Gold Coast businesses

Many Gold Coast industrial sites are still using outdated metal halide or mercury vapour lights. These not only cost a fortune to operate but also raise the temperature of your workspace. We can design a lighting system that’s right for your specific business needs, helping you cut down on those issues.

Switching to commercial or industrial LED lighting is a smart move for any Gold Coast enterprise. Not only does it create a safer environment for your staff, but it also slashes your electricity bills and cuts down on maintenance time with long-lasting bulbs that can shine for up to 50,000 hours.

Power Upgrades for the Gold Coast

Our Gold Coast power electricians are equipped to set up new power circuits, enhance existing ones, and troubleshoot any faults. With extensive experience in both single-phase and three-phase power circuits, our team is ready to tackle any job. Need a new power outlet, power connected to machinery, or power for a brand new distribution board? We’ve got the skills and expertise to get it done efficiently.

Considering adding more power circuits but concerned about your switchboard’s capacity? It’s crucial to ensure it can handle the extra demand. Our electricians recommend data logging your current system to make an informed decision. This way, you’ll know exactly what your switchboard can take, and we can advise on the best way forward for your Gold Coast business.

Power Monitoring and Data Logging

Before you kick off any new electrical installations for your Gold Coast business, it’s smart to ensure your existing setup can handle it. Data logging is a straightforward way to check that there’s enough capacity in your system. It records critical data such as voltage, current, hertz, power factor, and harmonics over time, which can reveal a lot about your energy use.

Not only does data logging give you the assurance that your infrastructure can support new installations, but it also plays a key role in cutting energy costs. By pinpointing when and where you’re consuming the most energy, it can help identify unnecessary wastage.

How we use power monitoring and data logging

We use sophisticated data logging tools to monitor your electrical system, capturing detailed measurements at regular intervals over days or even weeks, as needed.

Our Gold Coast commercial electrician team will then compile a comprehensive report for you. It’ll include cable sizes, photographs, voltage and current readings, graphs, plus any detected issues along with our recommendations for fixing them. You’ll receive this report as a clear PDF and also get all the raw data logging results in a spreadsheet format for in-depth analysis. Moreover, our data logging service isn’t limited to electrical variables—we can also track temperature, water flow, water depth, turbidity, and pressure.

Our skilled electricians can set up data logging on everything from main switchboards and distribution boards to production lines and wastewater treatment facilities, providing you with the insights needed to optimise your operations.

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Why Choose Us for Your Gold Coast Lighting and Power Needs

As a commercial electrical contracting firm focusing on commercial and industrial power and lighting upgrades in the Gold Coast, we bring an abundance of expertise and experience to the table. We understand the unique electrical demands of businesses in this area and are committed to delivering superior upgrades that meet your specific needs.

Our team of electrical technicians is well-versed in all aspects of power, lighting, and data logging installations. With our hands-on experience and meticulous approach, we ensure that your electrical upgrades are performed with the utmost precision and care.

Choosing us means opting for peace of mind, knowing that your Gold Coast business’s electrical infrastructure is managed by professionals who are not just skilled but also deeply committed to ensuring your installation is seamless, efficient, and tailored to your operations.

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