Electrical Fault Finding

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Industrial Electrical Fault Finding Brisbane Trusts

Industrial Power and Automation is highly experienced in electrical fault-finding and breakdown services. Our skilled electricians use the latest technology to assist us in diagnosing and repairing electrical faults that are impairing your business.

We provide fault-finding services to cover general power, lighting, and switchboard faults. As well as fault finding on machines and PLCs.

If you are in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast and need help finding a fault in your industrial electrical circuit, contact Industrial Power and Automation today to have our experienced electricians fix your electrical faults.

Our Industrial Electrical Fault Finding Services Include:

Electrical Faults

Generally, an electrical fault is due to a faulty component in the electrical circuit. An electrical circuit is made up of electrical components such as power outlets, lights, pumps, motors, fans, switches, relays, sensors, timers, circuit breakers and fuses. Often one of these components is damaged, causing an open circuit or a short circuit.

Fault finding can be simplified with the use of electrical drawings or schematics of the electrical circuit. This can help the technician trace out wires and quickly identify all the components located within a circuit without having to physically follow it.

Open Circuit

An open circuit occurs when a connection breaks or isn’t made when it should be, resulting in a gap in the electrical circuit. Finding a fault in an open electrical circuit is often due to damaged cabling, loose terminals, tripped circuit breaker or a faulty component.

Short Circuit

A short circuit occurs when the original path of current flow is altered and a shorter than normal path for current flow exists. This causes increased current to flow in the circuit and damages the electrical components. Finding a fault in a short electrical circuit is often due to damaged insulation, incorrect wiring, water damage, or a fault in a component.

PLC Programming & Fault Finding

We can assist with finding and diagnosing PLC faults and get your business operational. Faults with PLC controlled equipment are generally issues with sensors, actuators, and field wiring rather than with PLC itself.

Connecting to the PLC can be a quick and efficient way to diagnose which piece of equipment is not operating as it should. Many PLCs provide built-in fault analysis procedures and will display fault codes which a technician can translate with the manufacturer’s manual.

Machine Fault Finding

Our team has vast experience in industrial machinery fault finding. We have worked with packing machines, filling machines, mixers, compactors, dosing equipment, industrial ovens, palletising equipment, conveyors, mincers, and manufacturing equipment. We have experience in fault finding with VSDs, safety relays, control circuits, pumps, motors, sensors, actuators, and PLCs.

Regular electrical maintenance ensures your electrical systems and equipment are in top working order. It will minimise breakdowns and malfunctions and reduce expenses by increasing the lifespan of your equipment.

Our management software can log your assets and keep a detailed record of their service history, as well as send reminders when the next inspection is due. This leaves you to focus on what’s important, running your business.

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Why Choose Us As Your Fault Finding Electricians

We are an Industrial and Commercial electrical contracting company who specialises in PLC Programming and electrical fault finding. With our extensive knowledge and experience, you can count on us to provide your business with a comprehensive solution.

Our technicians are highly experienced in industrial electrical fault finding. You can rest assured that with our comprehensive service, your equipment will be operational in no time.

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