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Our Hazardous Area Electrician Brisbane Team​

Our team of hazard area electricians in Brisbane are here to help ensure safety and compliance in your work environment. 

IPA Solutions are fully-certified and experienced in performing a wide range of hazardous are electrician work across Brisbane. From installations to maintenance, we can help. Get a free quote and contact us online, or call our friendly team at ☎ 1300 599 120.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance in Your Hazardous Work Environments

Regardless of the industry your work environment is, hazardous areas have potential for catastrophic consequences when mistreated or mishandled. Our priority is to ensure your electrical systems are safely and compliantly installed and maintained. 

In a hazardous area, flammable or combustible substances pose a risk of fire or explosions. 

  • Gas
  • Vapour
  • Dust
  • Fibres
  • Flyings

To mitigate this risk, special precautions must be adhered to when installing and using potential ignition sources—including electrical equipment.

At IPA Solutions, we are well-versed in AS/NZS 60079.14 regulations and any recent developments in compliance. This is to ensure that your electrical installations meet or exceed these stringent requirements. We act with the highest level of integrity and safety, in line with our role as your Brisbane hazardous area electrician.

A small oversight or error can lead to severe consequences. That’s why our hazardous area electricians in Brisbane are extensively trained and certified, continually updating their knowledge to stay on top of the latest safety standards and technology. We approach every project with attention to detail, recognising the critical responsibility we hold in safeguarding your operations, your property, and most importantly, your people.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you maintain a safe and compliant industrial environment. Looking for a hazardous work area electrician in Gold Coast and surrounds, visit our Gold Coast location pages.

Brisbane Hazardous Areas Compliance


The foundational step is the hazardous area classification, which is conducted by a competent person. This process identifies where explosive atmospheres are likely to occur and defines the specific characteristics of those areas, such as:

Area Classification

Hazardous areas are segmented into distinct zones based on the likelihood and duration of an explosive atmosphere. Detailed in the information below:

Gases and Vapours
Zone 0Area in which an explosive gas-air mixture is continuously present or present for long periods.Zone 20Area in which an explosive dust-air mixture is continuously present or present for long periods.
Zone 1Area in which an explosive gas-air mixture is likely to occur for short periods in normal operation.Zone 21Combustible or conductive dusts are present and are likely to occur for short periods in normal operation.
Zone 2Area in which an explosive gas-air mixture is not likely to occur, and if it occurs it will only exist for a very short time due to an abnormal condition.Zone 22Area in which an explosive dust mixture is not likely to occur, and if it occurs it will only exist for a very short time due to an abnormal condition.

Gas, Vapour, or Combustible Dust Group

These groups categorise the various types of materials present in the hazardous area, as seen in the table below:

Group I
Group II
Group III
MiningExplosive Gas AtmosphereExplosive Dust Atmosphere
Sub-DivisionIgnition EnergySub-DivisionExplosive Atmosphere
IIA260 Micro-joulesIIIACombustible flyings
IIB95 Micro-joulesIIIBNon-conductive dust
IIC18 Micro-joulesIIICConductive dust

Ignition Temperature

Every hazardous material has a unique ‘Ignition Temperature,’ which is critical for selecting appropriate electrical equipment.

IP Rating of the Apparatus

A risk-based approach during classification may dictate the IP (Ingress Protection) rating necessary for equipment used within the hazardous area.

Equipment Selection, Installation,
and Initial Inspection

To ensure compliance, the electrical equipment installed must be compatible with the area classification, equipment group, temperature class, and IP rating outlined in the Classification Report. As a skilled electrician in hazardous areas in Brisbane, our team is certified to install Ex Rated Equipment, and we have a proven track record across diverse projects.

Hazardous Area Verification Dossier

This crucial document contains the Hazardous Area Classification Report, details of selected electrical equipment, and installation records. It must be maintained and updated continuously and kept on-site.

Maintenance and Inspections

To remain compliant, regular inspections by a competent person, as per AS/NZS 60079.14, are essential.

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Why Choose Us For Your Electrical Installations In Hazardous Areas

We are not just any electrical contracting company; we are specialists in hazardous areas. With decades of experience, including notable projects at Protein Blending Factories, Powder Blending, Grain Silos, and Fuel Stations, we are the hazardous area electrician Brisbane businesses rely on for unmatched expertise and steadfast safety.

Choose Industrial Power and Automation — where quality, safety, and integrity are the standard.

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