Electrical Thermal Imaging

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Infrared Electrical Thermal Imaging Services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Industrial Power and Automation provides electrical thermal imaging to businesses throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast and South East Queensland.

We offer Infrared Thermography services to a range of industries. Contact our team today to see how our experienced electricians can assist you with ensure your workplace is safe.

Our Infrared Thermography Services Include:

Thermal Scanning

Thermal scanning of equipment, such as switchboards, can find hot spots caused by loose connections and defects in components. It detects problem areas so that failure or damage can be avoided ahead of time.

Industrial Power and Automation uses the latest technology in scanners which can detect electrical faults often missed by traditional methods of testing.

We are certified in Thermographic Scanning and our qualified technicians are recognised by the Australian Institute for Non-destructive Testing (AINDT).

Thermography Inspection

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive, low-cost diagnostic technique that allows us to visually inspect and quantify changes in the surface temperature of electrical equipment. It is an effective method of protecting your business’s assets and giving you peace of mind. Thermal Imaging is an essential part of every commercial and industrial business’s preventative maintenance plan.

Abnormal heating associated with high resistance or excessive current flow is the main cause of many problems in electrical systems. When current flows through an electric circuit, part of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy. But if there is an abnormally high resistance in the circuit or abnormally high current flow, high heat is generated which can be potentially damaging.

Unidentified hazards and equipment faults can lead to equipment failure, loss in electricity supply or electrical fire. Insurance companies often recommend that Thermal Imaging is undertaken on an annual basis, and often offer lower premiums to businesses who schedule regular Thermal Imaging tests.

One of the benefits about Thermal Imaging is that it is a non-destructive, non-invasive testing technique. This means that the tests do not interfere with power supply and that they can be completed whilst equipment is running at normal capacity. As a result, you will not experience any business downtime whilst preventative maintenance checks take place.

Thermography Survey

Our Thermal Imaging surveys are completed by a licensed electrician who is certified as a Thermographer and will strictly adhere to the current Australian safety standard. Our tests are fully compliant with workplace health and safety laws and are accompanied by supporting documentation.

If we detect a thermal hazard during an infrared thermographic survey, our team can guide you through possible solutions. Industrial Power and Automation conducts maintenance, repairs, and equipment installation on a regular basis, we can work quickly to ensure minimal downtime. We can customise a comprehensive solution that fits with your business schedule.

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Why Choose Our Infrared Thermal Imaging Services

We are an Industrial and Commercial electrical contracting company who specialises in infrared thermal imaging services. With our extensive knowledge and experience, you can count on us to provide your business with a comprehensive solution.

Our technicians are highly experienced in thermal image testing. You can rest assured that with our comprehensive service, your equipment will meet electrical safety standards.

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