Industrial Power and Automation can assist with variable speed drive installation, replacement, or retrofits.

What is variable speed drive (VSD)?

Variable speed drives (VSD) are sometimes called Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) or AC drives.

A variable speed drive is a device which helps regulate the speed of a motor by varying the electrical supply. Variable speed drives sit between the electrical supply and the motor. Power from the electrical supply goes into a drive which then regulates the power that is fed to the motor.

Variable speed drives are constructed in a way that makes them highly efficient. VSD’s adjust the frequency and the voltage that feed into to the motor based on your current process demands. This means you run your AC motors at the speed or with the torque according to the demand needed.

It is estimated nearly 70 percent of all industrial electrical energy use goes into powering electric motors. Running these applications with variable speed drives results in instant savings in energy consumption while it also brings long-term competitive advantages.

5 benefits of variable speed drives

  1. Improved Energy Savings
    Variable speed drives use only the required amount of energy by running the motor at partial load. This results in a significant reduction in energy consumption of a motor control system. Starting Currents in VSDs are less compared to a conventional drive system as the speed can be gradually increased.
  2. Increased Manufacturing Efficiency
    Manual labour is eliminated as the system controlled by drives can easily be automated. VSD speed control allows you to run at a pre-determined product output. Because of a wide range of control, VSDs assist in improving the quality of the manufacturing system.
  3. Savings in Capital Expenditure
    The immediate reduction in power consumption ensures fast payback a variable speed drive installation. For larger applications this can happen within months of installation. Savings are also achieved through the elimination of expensive mechanical drive components
  4. Savings in Maintenance Costs
    VSD’s increase motor longevity. They reduce the risk of motor damage during start up and stopping. The stress on the mechanical equipment during start-up and operation can be minimized ensuring longer lifetime of the equipment. VSD’s also record detailed fault logs, which your maintenance team can use for future preventive maintenance.
  5. Better Process Control
    With better speed control, variable speed drives allow you to ramp up or down operations as needed. Motors can be automated to run at precise speeds or to stop at an exact position.

These type of valuable gains can be achieved not only in large industrial operations but also in smaller installations as well. Variable speed drives also record real-time motor data. Which can then be displayed on your local HMI panel or SCADA system. This allows you to monitor motor rpm, frequency, current, voltage & running status. As well as keeping a detailed record of fault history.

Variable Speed Drive Installation Gold Coast

Industrial Power and Automation is experienced in variable speed drive installation, replacements, and retrofits. We can integrate the variable speed drive with your existing automation system or install as a stand-alone unit. We will select the best VSD to suit your needs or install a site-specific brand if preferred.

You can contact us today, and rest assured that you will get the best electrical services no matter your industry.