This article covers how often emergency lighting needs to be tested, per the Australian government’s rules and regulations. 

It is a requirement, as governed by law, for emergency lighting and exit signs to be installed in all commercial buildings and multi-residential buildings. These must be regularly tested to comply with the fire safety regulations outlined in the Australian Standard 2293 – Emergency escape lighting and exit signs

But how often does emergency lighting need to be tested? Here is what you need to know about emergency lighting and exit sign testing and its various requirements.

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Emergency & Exit Light Testing Requirements

In order to comply with fire safety regulations outlined in AS 2293, emergency and exit light testing must be done every 6 months by a licensed fire safety technician. As part of the 6 monthly tests, all emergency and exit lights must undergo a 90-minute discharge test of the battery. Records of these tests must also be kept for compliance purposes.

Every 12 months, your emergency lighting and exit signs will also need to undergo an annual test by a fire safety technician. This covers the 6-month test and an additional  inspection and cleaning of the fittings and reflective surfaces on any emergency lighting and exit signs.

In the event of an emergency, non-compliant emergency lighting and exit signs could expose your building’s occupants to a high risk of danger and the consequences could be fatal.

What Are Emergency Lights And Exit Signs?

Emergency lights provide lighting in a building during an emergency. Emergency lights are an important safety feature in any building and they can help to prevent accidents and injuries in the event of a power outage.

Emergency Light Testing

Exit lights are used to direct the occupants of a building to the nearest emergency exit. Exit lights must be clearly visible and illuminated at all times.

emergency light testing

Emergency lights and exit signs will run off of your building’s main power, but they also feature back-up batteries in the event where the main power is cut off. This is why it is vital to ensure your emergency lighting and exit signs are regularly tested.

Who Can Test Emergency Lighting & Provide Me With An Emergency Light Testing Certificate?

Only a licensed fire safety electrician or technician can test emergency lighting and exit signs. At Industrial Power and Automation, our electricians are qualified to perform emergency lighting and exit sign testing. After testing your emergency lighting, our electricians will provide you with an emergency light testing certificate that will detail your compliance to the regulations. 

Contact us today to have us inspect the emergency lighting and exit signs in your building and ensure they are compliant with the law.